BILozix - Discovering the Lozix

Lozix is our highest client-rated business intelligence solution for practice management.

Lozix is a comprehensive reporting, analytics, and mining solution for healthcare - all at one place.

Lozix automatically generates practice performance summaries in tabular and graphical representation.

Lozix has the capability to generate patient-centric chronological and transactional history including service, payment, voucher, and reimbursement details on practice management dashboards.

Founded in 2008, BILozix is a Health Informatics services company with Business Intelligence and Analytics at its epicenter. BILozix has the solution by analyzing the Financial, Operational and Clinical data of healthcare providers and payers:

To revolutionize the Health Care industry and to improve the quality of care by providing comprehensive customized solutions that will help our clients with their business challenges.

“BILozix is for cost effective quality care” - intends to meet the challenges of Health care providers and payers seeking to analyze their data quickly, securely and reliably without having to make huge investments in upfront costs.

BILozix will deliver the most cost-effective and innovative software/hardware solutions and services that will allow healthcare providers and facilities to easily transform their data into useful information like costs, revenues, trends, treatment outcomes, or correlations that would enhance profitability or quality of patient care.

BILozix is also pursuing strategic relationships with vendors and clients alike, and welcomes active participation from its strategic partners.

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